We love blank books and journals. Something about a book waiting to be filled with ideas, dreams, plans, and schemes makes us happy. We want more happiness from the journal experience.

  1. We want to see more art by local living artists on the covers.
  2. We like how the royalty system creates an ongoing income for writers. We want the same for visual artists.
  3. We want to write in a journal that has been printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper.

Crwth journals feature the original work of Canadian visual artists. Each artist earns royalties for every journal sold. They also participate in profit sharing. So, when you buy a journal from Crwth, you support:

  • the artist who designed the cover
  • the other artists that work with Crwth
  • future artists that Crwth signs

Do you use journals? What do you look for when you are buying one?