Bridge of Whispers cover

Pub date: September 28, 2021
Fantasy | 5 x 8 | Paperback
256 Pages | Ages 10-13

The Bridge of Whispers
by Kristin Butcher

Book II in the Seer Trilogy

In this sequel to The Druid and the Dragon, Maeve, a blacksmith’s daughter, has been living among the Druids for several months as she trains to be a seer. She still marvels at the newfound friendship in her life. Her teacher Bradan, her friends Enda, Nora and Declan, and the rest of the Druids living at the Ruin, provide her with a sense of belonging she’s never felt before.

But she learns how fragile her feelings of acceptance are when she makes a shocking discovery about where she comes from. And she learns that her past puts those she loves in grave danger. Maeve will have to use all her skills if she’s to save those she cares about.

Praise for The Druid and the Dragon

Book I in the Seer Trilogy

“[Kristin Butcher’s] characters are interesting and fun to get to know, and the pace of the story moves quckly to keep young readers engaged. I highly recommend this book for middle-grade readers who, I believe, will have as difficult a time putting this book down as I did. I look very forward to reading the second book in this trilogy, The Bridge of Whispers.”  – Sandra O’Brien, Canadian Children’s Book News

The Bridge of Whispers will be available September 28, 2021. Pre-order now and be among the first to receive it. 

photo of womanKristin Butcher has been a finalist for the Sheila E. Egoff Award, the IODE Violet Downey Award, the Silver Birch Award, and many more. She is a two-time winner of the Chocolate Lily Award. Kristin lives in Campbell River, British Columbia. For more information visit


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