Support the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

When you buy Kah-Lan and the Stink-Ink we’ll donate $5 to the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. 

Book Cover of Kah-Lan and the Stink-Ink

ISBN:  978-1-989724-07-1
Price: $9.95
Pub Date: October 1, 2020
Ages: 7-9


Kah-Lan is a young sea otter ready to leave the raft he grew up in. He sets off for adventure in an ocean filled with new sights and sounds and smells—among them humans and the sharp scent of fuel.

The ocean is a dangerous place for an otter on his own, and Kah-Lan must find other otters to raft with if he wants to survive.

Kah-Lan eventually makes new friends, two young male otters named Zid and Gula. After the three friends weather a storm together, they head off in search of new hunting waters. But the storm brought new dangers, and Kah-Lan and his friends soon find themselves on a mysterious and dangerous journey. Along the way, Kah-Lan discovers that help can be found in some very surprising places.

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Why the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre?

Kah-Lan and the Stink-Ink by Karen Autio is a story about the impact humans have on marine mammals like otters. And it’s a story about what humans are doing to help them.

Human activity in B.C. can be deadly for marine mammals. And they are a vital part of marine ecosystems. As Canada’s only dedicated marine mammal rescue facility, the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMRC) provides essential mitigation on behalf of our species.

The MMRC is part of Ocean Wise, the parent organization of the Vancouver Aquarium and an incredible ocean advocate. The why of this one is best stated on the Ocean Wise website:

“The ocean is our planet’s life support system. It is the provider of food, recreation, transport and even the oxygen we breathe – and to lose this is too big a cost. “

The ocean is vital. That is why until October 15  when you buy Kah-Lan and the Stiink-Ink for $9.95 (+shipping) on this website we’ll donate $5 to the MMRC. 

Local Pick-up Options

You can save on shipping if you can pick up your copy of the book in Kelowna, Nanaimo or Vancouver. In Vancouver you can pick up your copy when you order directly from the Vancouver Aquarium Gift Shop

Another great reason to support MMRC: Joey!

Joey is a male sea otter pup believed to be just 10 days old when he was rescued. He was discovered near Kyuquot after a concerned member of the public heard him vocalizing overnight on July 2 and discovered a deceased adult sea otter in the area, presumed to be his mother, the next morning. Thanks to the 24-hour care he received at the Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Center, Joey will now get a second chance at life. Find updates on Joey’s rehabilitation at the MMRC website  or visit the Vancouvver Aquarium live otter pup cam.