Support the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society

When you buy Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon we’ll donate $10 to the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society.

Book Cover Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon by Karen Autio, illustrated by Loraine Kemp

ISBN: 978-1771533-190-2
Price: $25.95
Narrative nonfiction
Ages: 7-10

Why the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society?

Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon by Karen Autio and illustrated by Loraine Kemp is about the history of the Okanagan, so we want to donate to an Okanagan organization. When Karen and Loraine were working on the book, they went to a lot of effort to ensure that the First Nations perspective was respected in the book, so it makes sense for Crwth Press to support an organization that provides services to the First Nations community.

The Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society is exactly that kind of organization. Here’s a quote from its website:

“The Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society will provide for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of all peoples through the the development of community-based services, while encouraging the community to preserve, share and promote Aboriginal cultural distinctiveness.”

Until December 15 when you buy Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon for $25.95 (+shipping) on this website we’ll donate $10 to the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society.  We’ll also donate $1 from the sale of the ebook.

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In a hidden canyon in British Columbia’s southern interior, a pondorosa pine tree sprouts. Season pass as the tree grows, witness to generations of human history in the Okanagan Valley, from First Nations quests to fur brigades, horse wrangling, secret wartime commando training, to the firestorm of 2003. Richly illumniated by maps, illustration and historical images and informed by a timeline and historical notes, this fascinating book weaves First Nations history with European settlement and natural history. By following the thread of one tree growing one sheltered and seacred space, award-winning author Karen Autio gently explores patterns of colonization that will resonate with readers all over North America. 

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