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When you buy The Three Spartans we’ll donate $5 to Pink Shirt Day. 

book cover for The Three Spartans by James McCann

ISBN:  978-1-7753515-4-2
Price: $9.95
Pub Date: October 15, 2019
Ages: 9-12

Why Pink Shirt Day?

The Three Spartans by James McCann is about kids finding a creative way to deal with bullying. Bullying is still a huge problem in our society. One in five children are impacted by bullying. And that has to stop. 

Bullying has a negative impact on a child’s mental health and can impact their abilty to learn and succeed in life. The CKNW Kids Fund Pink Shirt Day program provides funding for anti-bullying programs like the Kids Help Phone and the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC and the I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society. 

Until December 15 when you buy The Three Spartans for $9.95 (+shipping) on this website we’ll donate $5 to the CKNW Pink Shirt Fund.  We’ll also donate $1 for each ebook sold.

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Twelve-year-old Arthur loves his summers in Birch Bay, a quirky seaside village where he spends all of his time with his best friend Lea. They play video games together, hang out at the beach and explore on their bikes.

This year is different, though. First, Arthur learns it will be Lea’s last summer in Birch Bay. Then their freedom is threatened by the Immortals, the swim team who torments all the local kids.

Lea and Arthur decide to take a stand. Using their video-game network, they gather a small army of kids who’ve had enough of the Immortals.

Armed with paintball guns and shields made of garbage can lids, the Spartan army takes on the Immortals. Their goal is control of a treehouse, but the prize is knowing they stood up for themselves.

A humorous retelling of the Greek battle of Thermopylae, The Three Spartans is a story of friendship and belonging and of standing up for what’s right—even when the odds are against you.

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