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Isobel's Stanley Cup by Kristin Butcher

ISBN:  978-1-7753319-6-4
Price: $8.95
Ages: 7-9

Why Fast and Female?

Isobel’s Stanley Cup is about a girl who wants to play hockey. It takes place in 1893, and a lot has changed since then, but girls are still less likely to be involved in athletics than boys. Sports are tied to success and leadership skills, and if we want girls to attain true equality, we need to encourage girls to stay active. 

Fast and Female works to keep self-identified girls in sports. They create non-competitive events all over North America and they provide girls with access to role models. Fast and Female is the youngest organization in the Crwth Cares campaign. The organization was started in 2005 by athletic rivals, two Olympic cross-country skiers:  Canadian Chandra Crawford and American Kikkan Randall.

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More than anything, Isobel Harkness wants to play hockey with her older brothers. But it’s 1893, and a lot of people—including her father—think  hockey is only for boys.

Ignoring her father’s wishes, Isobel helps her brothers train for an upcoming game. And she begins to shine on the ice. When she meets  Isobel Stanley, one of the first women to play  hockey, young Isobel gets some great advice.

When Isobel has a chance to skate in a big game with the best of the boys in her neighbourhood, she has to find a way around her father’s rules.

Inspired by true accounts of Isobel Stanley’s role in the history of hockey, Isobel’s Stanley Cup proves that hockey has always been a game for girls.