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When you buy Sophie Trophy or Sophie Trophy Too we’ll donate $4 to the Centre for ADHD Awareness.

Sophie Trophy Too Eileen Holland, illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

ISBN:  978-1-7753515-7-3
Price: $8.95
Pub Date: March 18, 2020
Ages: 7-9

Why the Centre for ADHD Awareness?

Sophie, the main character in Sophie Trophy and Sophie Trophy Too by  Eileen Holland, has ADHD.

ADHD is an issue that is close to home for Crwth. Several people connected to Crwth through family and friendship have been diagnosed with ADHD. We’ve seen firsthand how much ADHD impacts a person’s ability to succeed in life. If more people understood this neurological difference the world would be a better place. 

The Centre for ADHC Awareness (CADDAC) is dedicated to improving the lives of those with ADHD through awareness, education and advocacy. CADDAC provides science-based educational materials about ADHD, supports individuals and smaller organizations and advocates for individuals with ADHD through government agencies and large institutions. 

When you buy Sophie Trophy or Sophie Trophy Too for $8.95 (+shipping) on this website we’ll donate $4 to CADDAC.

We’re also donating $1 for every copy of the ebook sold until December 15, 2020


Sophie Trophy

Sophie is thoughtful and funny and full of ideas. When her friend Brayden brings a spider to school in a jar, Sophie’s excited to study it. But then a classmate frees the spider in the Grade 3 classroom. 

Their teacher, Miss Ruby, is terrified of spiders. Sophie wants to save her teacher from the eight-legged intruder without getting Brayden into trouble for bringing it to school. That means getting the spider out of the classroom without letting Miss Ruby know what’s going on.

This is no easy task, and soon Sophie’s wacky plans and wild imagination land her in the principal’s office—and hanging upside down outside his window.

Young readers will love Sophie’s antics, her loyalty to her friends and her determination to do the right thing at any cost.

Sophie Trophy Too

When a new student, Hailey, joins Sophie’s Grade 3 class at Hilltop Elementary, Sophie wants to become her friend. Hailey seems confident and fun, and Sophie’s sure they would have a good time.

But Sophie’s efforts to be a good friend go hilariously wrong. From attracting frowns from the principal to slapstick disaster on the classroom floor, Sophie makes one wrong move after another. To make matters worse, Hailey makes friends easily with Sophie’s pals Enoli and Brayden. Sophie feels left out, but does she give up? No! Sophie is determined to find a way to make Hailey feel welcome.

A humorous story loaded with heart, Sophie Trophy Too is sure to appeal to any kid who has had that left-out feeling.

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Book Cover for Sophie Trophy

ISBN:  978-1-7753319-3-3
Price: $8.95
Pub Date: March 14, 2019
Ages: 7-9