River Mermaid Cover

Pub date: September 28 2021
Young Adult Fiction
5.25 x 8 | Paperback | 368 Pages
Ages 13+

River Mermaid
by Christy Goerzen

Mom smiles,
reaches over,
strokes my hair
Like she did when I was little.
when she told me the story of the
River mermaid.

Mercedes lives for art. Her mother is a famous sculptor, and since she was a small child Mercedes has dreamed of following in her mother’s footsteps.

But it’s hard living in the shadow of a legend. And when Mercedes’s application at a prestigious art school is rejected, she is devastated and walks away from her art.

Despite her best efforts, she finds it hard to build a life as a regular teen. And when life serves her a traumatic situation, her art is the only thing that will pull her through.

An exploration of grief and self-acceptance, this novel-in-verse celebrates the healing power of creativity.

River Mermaid will be available September 28, 2021. Pre-order and be among the first to receive it. 


photo of womanBorn in Maple Ridge, BC, Christy Goerzen has lived most of her adult life in Vancouver where she works as a university instructor in arts and entertainment management. She has a BA in English and an MA in Children’s Literature and is currently working toward her PhD in Education. In her spare time she likes to read, lift heavy things, and have random dance parties. For more information visit christygoerzenbooks.com.

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