The Sorcerer’s Revenge by Kristin Butcher


In this final book in the Seer Trilogy, Maeve is in the final stages of her apprenticeship as a seer. She must learn mind-talking from the dragon, Riasc Tiarna. And, more importantly, she must learn to control her thoughts and emotions. Her teacher, Bradan, will not be able to counsel the king much longer and Maeve needs to be ready to take over when that happens.

Her chance to test her skills comes when Maeve is sent to counsel the king. At the same time she is grappling with her personal history. Her father, a powerful sorcerer with a reputation for being hot-blooded and dangerous, is on his way to meet her for the first time.

When the king’s decision puts the kingdom’s future at risk —and angers her father—Mave has to put it right. She must learn to understand the minds of others and master her own emotions if she—and the kingdom—are to survive.



The third book in the Seer Trilogy.

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