The Fifth Beethoven PICK UP IN NANAIMO


A mystery in the key of rock.

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Piano-playing Nate loves to rock out Beethoven in a style characterized more by enthusiasm than training. Nate is gazing up at Vancouver’s newest luxury buildingthe Keynote, when a thief in a Beethoven costume mugs him and two other victims.

But the day turns up-tempo when the Keynote’s owner, Mike Dante, offers Nate a gig playing piano in the courtyard. This is big-time opportunity knocking for a self-taught musician.

Nate thinks there’s no better way to thank his real-estate-tycoon boss than by sleuthing out the thief’s identity. But Nate soon finds himself in a mystery that grows more discordant with each beat. In his search for the thief, Nate learns about the harsh realities of those facing renovictions and about how thoughtless people in power can be.

Nate’s big dreams and folly are sure to delight readers of The Fifth Beethoven. And his belief in standing up for what is right is sure to inspire them.


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