The Druid and the Dragon PICK UP IN VANCOUVER


Maeve must learn to accept her gifts and all that comes with them.

This link is for pick up in Vancouver only. If you are unable to pick up in Vancouver, please return to the main The Druid and the Dragon page and select another option.



Maeve is a simple farm girl who daydreams when she should be doing chores. She gets lost in her wild imaginings so often that folks think there’s something wrong with the girl who sells eggs in the village.

Maeve meets a Druid seer who tells her she has the gift of sight and offers to help her develop her gift, but Maeve has a hard time believing there is anything special about her. But when a dragon tells her she has a role to play in the future of the kingdom, she is almost ready to believe in herself.

With war on the horizon, Maeve must dig deep within herself and discover who she really is if she is to survive the dangers ahead.


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