New Generator
Art by dea Kearns

For lovers of the natural world.

ISBN:  978-1-7753515-0-4
Price: $26.00
Pub Date: September 1, 2018
Blank book/journal

The cover art for this journal features an acrylic painting by dea Kearns. Inspired by a visit to northern Vancouver Island, this piece celebrates the perseverance of nature. The lush foliage beautifully contrasts with and enhances the rust on the machinery, depicting a world in which nature has the power to breathe new life into technology. This imagery is sure to resonate with anyone who has explored British Columbia, particularly Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.


An artist of all sorts, dea Kearns' go-to media are acrylics and pencil-and-ink. When painting, dea unabashedly dances to music befitting the desired movement and emotion in her piece. She is keen on illustrating kid’s books, writing comics, and painting murals or other large-scale images. She lives with her partner, two children, one dog, and one cat in Esquimalt, British Columbia.