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Isobel’s Stanley Cup
by Kristin Butcher

Hockey has always been a game for girls.

ISBN:  978-1-7753319-6-4
Epub: 978-1-7753319-5-7
PDF: 978-1-7753319-4-0
Price: $8.95
Pub Date: October 1, 2018
Ages: 7-9

More than anything, Isobel Harkness wants to play hockey with her older brothers. But it’s 1893, and a lot of people—including her father—think  hockey is only for boys.

Ignoring her father’s wishes, Isobel helps her brothers train for an upcoming game. And she begins to shine on the ice. When she meets  Isobel Stanley, one of the first women to play  hockey, young Isobel gets some great advice.

When Isobel has a chance to skate in a big game with the best of the boys in her neighbourhood, she has to find a way around her father’s rules.

Inspired by true accounts of Isobel Stanley’s role in the history of hockey, Isobel’s Stanley Cup proves that hockey has always been a game for girls.


Kristin Butcher has been writing books for children and young adults since 1997. Married to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ biggest fan, Kristin started watching hockey in self-defence. Somewhere along the line she got hooked and is now often the first one to turn on the game. To learn more, visit www.kristinbutcher.com.

What Reviewers Say About Isobel’s Stanley Cup

“I hope that this tiny, perfect, uniquely Canadian novel will turn up under many Christmas trees this December. Highly Recommended.” –  CM Magazine

“Excellent. Middle schoolers will enjoy this book, especially girls who play hockey or other sports. Boys will also appreciate the historical accuracy of the game. This book could be used a part of a Canadian history class. ” –  Resource Links 

“Although Isobel’s individual triumph is played out on a small, flooded field, her determination to follow in the footsteps of Isobel Stanley and other women who were creating a space for women in sports, transcends her historical moment: young readers of all genders will identify fully with her need to prove herself and her inner strength to do so.” – Karyn Huenemann, There Will Be Books (blog)