Faster Than Truth

K.L. Denman

ISBN:  978-1-7753319-1-1
Epub: 978-1-7753515-2-8
PDF: 978-1-7753515-3-5
Price: $9.95
Pub Date: May 15, 2019
Ages: 13-15

Sixteen-year-old Declan dreams of becoming a professional reporter, an international correspondent who flies around the globe covering big stories. But Declan is still in high school, and as the editor of his school paper, he covers school dances—not exactly “news.”

Declan gets his chance for a big scoop when another student shows him part of an email written by the principal that discusses implanting students with microchips. Declan, outraged at the idea, publishes the story online without taking the time to do any additional research or fact checking.

The story goes viral. Unfortunately, it’s also wrong.

Declan, suspended from school and forced to resign from his position as editor of the paper, begins to question the role of the media and his prospects for the future.

At the same time, he can’t ignore the curious impulse to find out what’s going on with the kid who gave him the scoop. Smoke, as the kid is known, is surrounded by a curious aura—and odor. And Declan wants to find out why.

This thoughtful story will appeal to young people trying to navigate today’s media landscape.



K.L Denman has written many novels for young readers. Whether told seriously or with humour and mystery, her stories explore friendship, mental illness, family and identity. Numerous titles have been listed as “Best Books of the Year” and Me, Myself and Ike (Orca Book Publishers) was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary award. She lives in Delta, British Columbia. For more information, visit