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Sophie Trophy Too by Eileen Holland
Illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

ISBN:  978-1-7753515-7-3
Price: $8.95
Pub Date: March 18, 2020
Ages: 7-9

Can Sophie win over the not-shy-not-scared new girl at school?

When a new student, Hailey, joins Sophie's Grade 3 class at Hilltop Elementary, Sophie wants to become her friend. Hailey seems confident and fun, and Sophie's sure they would have a good time.

But Sophie's efforts to be a good friend go hilariously wrong. From attracting frowns from the principal to slapstick disaster on the classroom floor, Sophie makes one wrong move after another. To make matters worse, Hailey makes friends easily with Sophie's pals Enoli and Brayden. Sophie feels left out, but does she give up? No! Sophie is determined to find a way to make Hailey feel welcome.

A humorous story loaded with heart, Sophie Trophy Too is sure to appeal to any kid who has had that left-out feeling.



Eileen Holland taught elementary school for many years and was often known as the funny teacher. Eileen has written dozens of magazine articles and served as associate western editor of The Landowner Magazine. Sophie Trophy Too is Eileen's second novel. For more information, visit

Brooke Kerrigan is the award-winning illustrator of more than a dozen books for young people. Brooke is a graduate of the Sheridan College Interpretive Illustration program, and her whimsical illustration style has earned critical aclaim. For more information, visit

No Right Thing
Laura Langston

ISBN:  978-1-7753515-8-0
Price: $13.95
Pub Date: April 27, 2020

One good deed can have unpredictable consequences.

Sixteen-year-old Cate Sheridan always tried to do the right thing. When she sees a homeless man about to be hit by a truck, her instincts  kick in. Cate and her friend Noah pull the man to safety.

Then things get crazy in Cate's world.

The rescued man is the famous musician Max Le Bould who disappeared years ago. Cate and Noah become instant heroes, and the media descends upon the town of Qualicum Beach. So does Cate's mother, journalist Cynthia Patrice who abandoned Cate when she was two.

Dazzled by a mother she doesn't know and determined to help a man she does, Cate is caught in the middle of a moral dilemma.



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Laura Langston is the award-winning author of twenty books for young people and a former journalist for the CBC. By the time she hit Grade 4, Laura and her teachers knew she was destined to become a writer. Her persistent daydreaming and invisible friends were the tip-off. Her first word was cookie, her second word was book and her priorities haven't changed. For more information, visit

The Three Spartans by James McCann

It's never too late to take a stand. 

ISBN:  978-1-7753515-4-2
Price: $9.95
Pub Date: October 15, 2019

Twelve-year-old Arthur loves his summers in Birch Bay, a quirky seaside village where he spends all of his time with his best friend Lea. They play video games together, hang out at the beach and explore on their bikes.

This year is different, though. First, Arthur learns it will be Lea’s last summer in Birch Bay. Then their freedom is threatened by the Immortals, the swim team who torments all the local kids.

Lea and Arthur decide to take a stand. Using their video-game network, they gather a small army of kids who’ve had enough of the Immortals.

Armed with paintball guns and shields made of garbage can lids, the Spartan army takes on the Immortals. Their goal is control of a treehouse, but the prize is knowing they stood up for themselves.

A humorous retelling of the Greek battle of Thermopylae, The Three Spartans is a story of friendship and belonging and of standing up for what’s right—even when the odds are against you.


James McCann, has written several books for young people including Children of Ruin (Iron Mask Press) and Flying Feet (Orca Book Publishers). James teaches creative writing workshops at schools and libraries. When James is not writing, he’s playing Dungeons and Dragons or out on a road trip. James lives in Richmond, British Columbia. For more information, visit

Sophie Trophy by Eileen Holland
Sophie is up against an eight-legged menace—and her own imagination.  

ISBN:  978-1-7753319-3-3
Epub: 978-1-7753319-7-1
PDF: 978-1-7753319-8-8
Price: $8.95
Pub Date: March 14, 2019
Ages: 7-9

Sophie is thoughtful and funny and full of ideas. When her friend Brayden brings a spider to school in a jar, Sophie’s excited to study it. But then a classmate frees the spider in the Grade 3 classroom. 

Their teacher, Miss Ruby, is terrified of spiders. Sophie wants to save her teacher from the eight-legged intruder without getting Brayden into trouble for bringing it to school. That means getting the spider out of the classroom without letting Miss Ruby know what’s going on.

This is no easy task, and soon Sophie’s wacky plans and wild imagination land her in the principal’s office—and hanging upside down outside his window.

Young readers will love Sophie’s antics, her loyalty to her friends and her determination to do the right thing at any cost.


Eileen Holland is a former teacher who spent her early student years letting her imagination spin her away from the classroom. It is not too much of a stretch to imagine her creating a dreamy character like Sophie Trophy for her first book. Learn more about Eileen Holland and Sophie Trophy at

Faster Than Truth by K.L. Denman

When lies go viral, lives are changed.   

ISBN:  978-1-7753515-1-1
Epub: 978-1-7753515-2-8
PDF: 978-1-7753515-3-5
Price: $9.95
Pub Date: May 15, 2019
Ages: 13-15

Sixteen-year-old Declan dreams of becoming a professional reporter, an international correspondent who flies around the globe covering big stories. But Declan is still in high school, and as the editor of his school paper, he covers school dances—not exactly “news.”

Declan gets his chance for a big scoop when another student shows him part of an email written by the principal that discusses implanting students with microchips. Declan, outraged at the idea, publishes the story online without taking the time to do any additional research or fact checking.

The story goes viral. Unfortunately, it’s also wrong.

Declan, suspended from school and forced to resign from his position as editor of the paper, begins to question the role of the media and his prospects for the future.

At the same time, he can’t ignore the curious impulse to find out what’s going on with the kid who gave him the scoop. Smoke, as the kid is known, is surrounded by a curious aura—and odor. And Declan wants to find out why.

This thoughtful story will appeal to young people trying to navigate today’s media landscape.



K.L Denman has written many novels for young readers. Whether told seriously or with humour and mystery, her stories have explored friendship, mental illness, family and identity. Numerous titles have been listed as “Best Books of the Year” and Me, Myself and Ike (Orca Book Publishers) was a finalist for the Governor General’s General’s Literary award. She lives in Delta, British Columbia. For more information, visit

Isobel’s Stanley Cup by Kristin Butcher

Hockey has always been a game for girls.  

ISBN:  978-1-7753319-6-4
Epub: 978-1-7753319-5-7
PDF: 978-1-7753319-4-0
Price: $8.95
Pub Date: October 1, 2018
Ages: 7-9

More than anything, Isobel Harkness wants to play hockey with her older brothers. But it’s 1893, and a lot of people—including her father—think  hockey is only for boys.

Ignoring her father’s wishes, Isobel helps her brothers train for an upcoming game. And she begins to shine on the ice. When she meets  Isobel Stanley, one of the first women to play  hockey, young Isobel gets some great advice.

When Isobel has a chance to skate in a big game with the best of the boys in her neighbourhood, she has to find a way around her father’s rules.

Inspired by true accounts of Isobel Stanley’s role in the history of hockey, Isobel’s Stanley Cup proves that hockey has always been a game for girls.


Kristin Butcher has been writing books for children and young adults since 1997. Married to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ biggest fan, Kristin started watching hockey in self-defence. Somewhere along the line she got hooked and is now often the first one to turn on the game. To learn more, visit

Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon

by Karen Autio, illustrated by Loraine Kemp

ISBN: 978-1771533-190-2
Price: $25.95
Narrative nonfiction
Ages: 7-10

In a hidden canyon in British Columbia's southern interior, a pondorosa pine tree sprouts. Season pass as the tree grows, witness to generations of human history in the Okanagan Valley, from First Nations quests to fur brigades, horse wrangling, secret wartime commando training, to the firestorm of 2003. Richly illumniated by maps, illustration and historical images and informed by a timeline and historical notes, this fascinating book weaves First Nations history with European settlement and natural history. By following the thread of one tree growing one sheltered and seacred space, award-winning author Karen Autio gently explores patterns of colonization that will resonate with readers all over North America. 


Karen Autio
Karen Autio has long been intrigued by Wild Horse Canyon. The tales of syilx/Okanagan people trapping wild horses there piqued her interest. She started researching the history of the canyon and got hooked on exploring what had happened in the area over the past few centuries. When Karen imagined a ponderosa pine living in the canyon for more than two centuries, this book began to take shape. To learn more about Karen’s other books for young readers, visit

Loraine Kemp
Loraine Kemp has loved being an artist since she was barely old enough to hold a pencil. Living in the Okanagan Valley all her life and observing her equine friends have given Loraine an edge for creating realistic renderings of her beloved home environment and its inhabitants. To learn more about Loraine’s artwork and writing, visit