About Crwth Press

(Pronounced Crooth Press)

Crwth Press is a book publisher based in British Columbia. Crwth is all about community, culture, and a commitment to the future.

Our values are reflected in our content, our processes, and our financial model. Crwth publishes Canadian artists and writers, and our books are printed in Canada using sustainable practices.

In addition to the standard royalty system used in the publishing industry, Crwth Press uses a profit-sharing model so that all contributors share in the success of the company.

A crwth is a Welsh stringed folk instrument. There are only four examples of original crwths in existence, but they were commonly played throughout what is now the UK until the 18th century. Crwth is also a great Scrabble word.

We chose the name Crwth because we like how music brings people together, and we want Crwth Press to do the same thing. Also, it’s an oddball word, and we are an oddball press.