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Want to stand out in a crowded marketplace? Let me help you reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

I provide a quote for each job once I understand the scope and complexity. When I’m working on a project, I track my hours. My final bill will reflect  either the actual hours worked or the quote, whichever is lower. 

What Services do you provide?

I provide a broad range of communications services. I can build and execute a comprehensive conent strategy that features a multi-platform publishing plan. Or I can help you refine the language on your website so that customers will better understand your value. 

Why would I need a communications consultant?

For today’s business effective communication is vital. A communications strategy is a roadmap to success.

Even if  you have only a website with one or two pages of content, you want to know that your message is clear and likely to attract your ideal customers. 

Do You have a specialty?

My specialty is helping business leaders refine their message. I understand how small changes in language impact audience perception of a brand, and I help businesses fine-tune their copy to ensure they meet the needs of their audience and achieve their business objectives.