Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon
By Karen Autio
Illustrated by Loraine Kemp

ISBN: 978-1-7753319-0-2
Epub: 978-1-7753319-2-6
PDF: 978-1-7753319-1-9
Price: 25.95
Narrative Nonfiction
Pub Date:
October 15, 2018
Ages: 7-10

In a hidden canyon in British Columbia’s Southern Interior, a ponderosa pine tree sprouts. Seasons pass as the tree grows, witness to generations of human history in the Okanagan Valley, from First Nations quests to fur brigades, horse wrangling, secret wartime commando training, to the firestorm of 2003. Richly illuminated by maps, illustrations, and historical images and informed by a timeline and historical notes, this fascinating book weaves First Nations history with European settlement and natural history. By following the thread of one tree growing in one sheltered and sacred space, award-winning author Karen Autio gently explores patterns of colonization that will resonate with readers all over North America. 

Karen Autio
Karen Autio has long been intrigued by Wild Horse Canyon. The tales of Syilx people trapping wild horses there piqued her interest. She started researching the history of the canyon and got hooked on exploring what had happened in and around Kelowna since the 1700s. When Karen imagined a ponderosa pine living in the canyon for more than two centuries, this book began to take shape. To learn more about Karen’s other books for young readers, visit

Loraine Kemp
Loraine Kemp has loved being an artist since she was barely old enough to hold a pencil. Living in the Okanagan Valley all her life and observing her equine friends have given Loraine an edge for creating realistic renderings of horses and her beloved home environment. To learn more about Loraine’s artwork and writing, visit